Frequently Asked Questions


What is a rebate?
  • Rebates are periodically offered as a way for you to save on select devices that you've recently purchased and activated. Rebate submissions are generally fulfilled with a prepaid card.
How do I redeem a rebate offer?

Redeeming your rebate is quicker and easier at Just a few easy steps to submit the information form and upload your receipt and equipment bar code.

  • Receipt:
    • For a Verizon Wireless store purchase, submit one of the following:
      • Verizon Wireless Equipment Receipt indicating equipment price paid and model purchased
      • Verizon Wireless Rebate Receipt indicating equipment price paid and model purchased
    • For a Verizon Wireless Authorized Retailer purchase, you'll need to provide a copy of an itemized sales receipt clearly indicating:
      • Store Name
      • Date of Sale
      • Device purchased (make and model)
        • You will need your Customer Agreement or Verizon Wireless Small Business Receipt to reference for required order information.
        • If you're unsure if your purchase was made at a Verizon Wireless store or a Verizon Wireless Authorized Retailer, you can find out by searching the list of Verizon Wireless store locations.
  • Proof of Purchase
    • The entire Proof of Purchase (UPC / MEID / IMEI) bar code label (as seen in the example below)
    • Make copies of all documents for your records before submitting.
    • If possible, wait until you're sure you won't need to return the equipment before submitting your rebate. This can affect any device return refunds.
Can I check the status of my rebate?

Yes. Checking your status is easy. Once you've submitted your rebate, go to our Rebate Center online and enter your submission tracking number. It can take up to 24 hours after you've submitted to show up online.

When I submit my rebate, whose name and mobile number do I enter?

To ensure your rebate is processed quickly, enter the name of the account owner of the Verizon Wireless account. The mobile number you enter is the mobile number attached to the device you just purchased.

How long do I have to submit my rebate?

Most rebates are required to be submitted within 30 days from after purchase. However, deadlines vary by offer. Go to for more information about rebate promotion deadlines.

Can I do more than one rebate at a time on my submission?

Each rebate submission should be submitted separately. This will help ensure that each request is processed properly. If you have more than one rebate eligible device you recently purchased, submit each one as a separate request. This helps make sure that each is processed accurately and helps manage any questions on the rebate for any single device.

What should I do if I'm requesting multiple rebates and have multiple purchases on one receipt?

You can upload a copy of the same receipt for each separate submission.

What does "Device bar code label" mean?

The device bar code is found on the outside of the manufacturer's box. The bar code label includes: the proof of purchase (UPC) barcode and Device ID (MEID/ IMEI). Don't discard the box since this includes the bar code.

There's more than one bar code label on the box. Which one do I submit with my rebate request?

The correct bar code label is normally located on the outside panel of the equipment box. The entire label, including the eligible Device ID (MEID / IMEI) and valid Proof of Purchase (UPC) bar code, must be submitted.

What happens if I return my equipment after I've submitted my rebate?

Submit your rebate redemption request only after you've decided to keep the device, which may include waiting through the equipment return period. Any submissions made after an equipment return would be deemed in valid.

If a rebate has already been paid on a returned device, the refund is reduced by the amount of the rebate paid to you.

Please note - Return policies may vary at Verizon Wireless Authorized Retailer locations.

My rebate offer period expired; will I still receive a rebate?

Unfortunately, you'll be ineligible for the rebate if the rebate period has expired.

Can I submit my rebate over the phone?

Rebates can only be submitted online (preferred) or by mail. Since rebate submissions include the bar code and receipt, we are not able to capture these over the phone. If you have any questions, we're happy to assist. Please go to our Contact Us page for options.

Can I mail my rebate with my monthly bill?

Rebate submissions should be completed at If you send your rebate with your bill, the payment processors wouldn't handle this kind of document. To avoid any issues with your rebate, complete your rebate request online. If you're unable to submit online, you may call (844) 408-8471.

You should continue to send in your bill to the address on your monthly statement. Or, you may want to set up you're My Verizon online account portal and sign up for auto-pay.

How long will it take to process my rebate?

Once your digital rebate redemption request is submitted, you'll receive your rebate within 4 weeks.

Why can it take up to 4 weeks to receive my rebate?

Once your submission is received, it goes through a verification process before the rebate is mailed. In most cases, your rebate will be mailed within 3 weeks of our receipt of your rebate submission.

What does it mean if my rebate status is invalid?

When the status is invalid, this means the not all requirements to redeem the rebate had been met. If you submit your rebate on time, this may not mean you aren't still eligible.

We will send you an email explaining why your redemption was invalid and if any actions can be taken to correct the invalid reason(s). Carefully read the email and return it along with any needed items mentioned in the email. Make copies of any records you send to us.

What does it mean if I receive an email indicating that Verizon Wireless could not fulfill my rebate?

This means that all of the requirements weren't met. Please read the email carefully and submit the necessary items indicated to the specified email address. Make copies of all documents for your records.

If I no longer have the equipment box, can I still qualify for the rebate without the bar code label?

No, you must submit the entire bar code label from the outside panel of the box to qualify for the rebate.

Who can I contact for more information about my rebate?

If you have additional questions about your rebate, you can contact our Rebate Customer Service.

I'm not able to upload my images successfully.

Confirm that file(s) are the correct format (JPEG, JPG, GIF, PDF, PNG, TIF & TIFF) and less than 10MB per image.

How many files/images can I add to my submission.

A maximum of four (4) files can be added to each submission.

I did not receive an email confirming my submission.

The confirmation email containing your tracking number was sent to the email address you provided at the time of submission. If you're still unable to locate this email, visit the Contact Us page to reach a customer service representative.

Why have I not received my reward yet?

Visit Track a Submission to determine if your submission is valid.

If it has been more than 30 days since you submitted your claim, visit the Contact Us page to speak with a customer service representative. Be sure that your submission was valid by going to our submission tracking page. If 30 days have passed since you’ve submitted your claim, visit our Contact Us page to reach a customer service representative.

I have lost my tracking number. How do I retrieve it?

Your tracking number was sent to the email address you provided at the time of submission.

I am having difficulties using the website.

Please Contact Us to speak with a customer service representative.

Rebate Card

What is a Verizon Wireless Rebate Card?

Rebate Cards are prepaid debit cards. They're personalized and embossed with:

  • Your name
  • The dollar amount of the rebate
  • The card's expiration date

Note: You can't use your Rebate Card after the expiration date

How do I activate a Verizon Wireless Rebate Card?

You can activate your Rebate Card by calling (866) 598-3499. Please be prepared to provide the:

  • 10-digit mobile number associated with the rebate
  • 16-digit number from the Rebate Card
Can I use a Verizon Wireless Rebate Card to pay my bill?

Yes, the Rebate Card is a prepaid debit card which can be used to pay your bill just like any other debit card.

To pay your bill using the Rebate card:

  • Online - Go to the My Bill page in My Verizon
  • By phone - Call #768 from your mobile phone or (800) 922-0204 from another phone
    Note: Always select Credit when using your Rebate Card for bill payments or purchases.
Where can I use my Verizon Wireless Rebate Card?

You can use your Rebate Card everywhere Mastercard® debit cards are accepted.

Cards are issued by Wirecard, N.A. pursuant to a license from Mastercard® U.S.A. Inc. and managed by Wirecard Services. This card can be used everywhere Mastercard® debit cards are accepted.
How do I check the balance of my Rebate Card?

You can check the balance of your Verizon Wireless Rebate Card online at our Rebate Center

You can also check the balance by calling (877) 899-8980 from any phone.

Can I request a check instead of Verizon Wireless Rebate Card?

Yes. To request a check in place of a Rebate Card:

  1. Go to our Rebate Center.
  2. Click Rebate Card Account.
  3. Click Register your card now.
  4. Click Access $ Tab.
  5. Click Get Your Rebate Funds Via Check.
  6. Confirm your address.
  7. Click Send Check.
Who do I contact if I have questions about my Rebate Card?

You can contact Wirecard directly at (877) 899-8980.

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